Biggest Data Breach Ever | Here’s how to check if you were affected

Time is changing, the world is expanding rapidly. Internet is becoming more powerful and very necessary too. So keeping personal data safe online is becoming more challenging for everyone.

Every day there’s a new story of data leaks, big businesses are failing to keep our data safe. So, it’s our responsibility now to keep our data safe online.

Recently there were a report about the biggest ever data breach of 773 million email, password, username and other personal details. This hack was first reported by Troy Hunt of the hack security site Have I Been Pwned. This hack was not about one or two websites. So, don’t think twice and see below for the steps to do to keep your data safe.

see if your account has been compromised
see if your account has been compromised

But before we could discuss how to protect our data, let’s see how to check if your data was compromised. Head over to this link, and enter your email id. This will show you the sources from which your data were breached if it is. You can also see if your password was breached with source websites. This way you can be more sure about the authenticity of the hacks. It’s very important to check all your email ids and passwords you remember.

Now let’s discuss how to protect your data, it’s our responsibility after-all.

Take a look:

  • Do not ever repeat any passwords for any website
  • Update your passwords with strong ones regularly
  • Use both numbers, letters, symbols and some unique values entered by you, for passwords
  • Use a 2-Factor Authentication method for a safer and secure login
  • Try to visit websites which has a secure connection as “https://” always
  • Always use a good VPN software
  • Always store your passwords on a password manager like 1Password
  • Check the authenticity of the website before you share your data (Like, you know is a genuine website you can trust but can you trust any website which is something like

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