How strong are you to spot an online scam, Google teaches you

Time is changing, so you need to be up to date with the technology, to be safe online. A new quiz by Google helps you in testing how strong you are to spot an online scam..

These days, with increase in the online scammers you need to be smart enough to identify a scam. So you can be safe. A new Phishing Quiz by Google to help you in that.

Take this quiz, and learn more about all the techniques scammers try to steal your data. Email frauds increasing day by day, people trying new new techniques to steal your personal data. You should educate yourself time to time to identify these spam mails.

Credit Card Fraud

Email providers these days have been smart enough to identify these spam emails and so categorizing them in Spam folder. But, sometimes they simply can not identify, you need to take action in that situation.

How to identify spam emails?

Spam mail senders have been so smart these days that a new guy can not simply identify their emails. So, take it seriously while opening an email message. Let’s discuss some steps to identify a spam email..

  • Check the From: email address when you see a new email.
  • See if an email message is secured or unsecured.
  • Never click on any links, first check the URL first – if you trust the URL then only click on them.
  • Match the links in the mail and From: email domain, to check if it’s a genuine mail.
  • Don’t open any PDFs or Doc files if you don’t know/trust the sender.
  • Always check the links by long-pressing on the link or right-clicking on them, before you visit any URL in mail.
  • Spammers use the similar website addresses in the email. So always see the complete URL and do a little research before clicking/opening any link. Example: They can use URL like instead of
  • Don’t reply or write in with your personal details if you don’t trust the sender. They might ask you your banking details or addresses or phone numbers.

These are just few steps, but you need to be a little more smart when opening/clicking any links or email message..

phishing credit card info

How do scammers steal your data?

When you click on any links in the spam mail, they can ask you some details to enter like their website might be a lookalike of genuine websites (like Google, Yahoo..), never enter any details. Always check the address bar and the website security certificate.

Sometimes when you open a link, they can install or download any scripts or programs that run in background and send your data to their server.

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