What is a Domain Name? – .com, .co | Why Do You Need a Domain Name?

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We live in the world, have our own unique personalities. Every individual is just different from others. A domain name is like that, it acts as the identity for a virtual address.

Virtual address is like a registered address that is unique for everyone. We call them as the web address. And as we all have a registered address that makes easy for anyone to reach us or send us anything. That is the similar case for a web address to be found and accessible through the world wide web.

A website is what holds all the contents and is accessible through the domain name. We can compare a website with our home where we live and be a part of the society.

Let’s be more clear..

When we first visit any website like google.com or www.google.com, the word ‘google’ is the name or username of the website. And website is what or where we view its contents like google search, images etc..

.com is the domain name used for the website and it’s like our identity cards. We can have multiple verification cards issued by govt. or any organization. Like this a website can have multiple domain names attached to same contents or different sets of contents like country specific domains (.us, .co.uk, .es, .in,..) or website type domain names (.biz, .com, .me, .club, .tv etc)..

When we want to build a website, we have to register a new, specific domain name for our website content. Then, the domain name if available and not registered for another user like you, can register and connect the domain to your website. As we can not register someone’s property as it’s our own. That’s why before you could register for any website domain, you have to be fully sure it’s not registered with any other website. Sometimes if you really like the domain name but it is not available, you can still contact the website domain and make a deal to purchase that domain. So the price of any domain name does depend on the type of domain name and the keyword used it that. If the keyword is more popular, then your domain name can be more costly. It all depends on the domain name provider.

Two domain names with same username, can point to different websites, it all depends on the hosting of your contents and pointing the domain name to the web host.. For example, yourwebsite.com and yourwebsite.net can be attached to different web projects or the same web project..

A domain name that you want to register, can do so on any domain name providers like godaddy, namecheap. Or else you can be your self domain name provider, visit here to learn more about this.

In today’s world, having a website for any business or brand. You must consider this if you want to access and use the power of online tools and media. And if you want to know more about the web development and the web design concepts, subscribe to our mailing list and get connected.

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